How To Arrive

Isfahan is located almost at the center of Iran and at the south of Tehran. There are several ways to arrive at this city: 

1) Fly directly to Isfahan: Usually there are several international flights to Isfahan using different airlines as Iran Air, Fly Dubai, Qatar Airways, Turkish-airlines and Taban Airlines. It is the easiest way to get Isfahan. 

2) Fly to Tehran and then use a domestic flight: Tehran has two airports; Imam Khomeini airport (IKA) and Mehrabad airport; IKA is devoted to the international flights while Mehrabad is for the domestic ones. IKA has been located at the south suburban part of Tehran and Mehrabad airport is in the city. Those who want to get Isfahan using a domestic flight must take a taxi from IKA to Mehrabad airport. It costs a reasonable price and in case there is no traffic jam, it takes around 45 minutes. 

3) Fly to Tehran and then hire a taxi to get Isfahan: There are some taxi services in IKA; it takes around 4 hours to get Isfahan by Taxi. 

4) Fly to Tehran and then take a bus to Isfahan: In case there is no traffic jam, it takes around 50 minutes to get Beihaghi Terminal where buses are available to Isfahan in each 15 minutes; it also takes about 6 hours to get Isfahan by bus.

We will pick up all the participants at the Isfahan International Airport (also known as Shahid Beheshti Airport, Code: IFN). If one comes through Tehran (Imam Khomeini Airport, Code: IKA), we can help to hire a taxi to Isfahan (about five hours driving) or book air ticket from Mehrabad Airport (Tehran airport for domestic flights) to Isfahan. The address of the guesthouse, both in Persian and English, may be found here. Please have a printed copy at hand, just in case our driver could not find you. Make sure to take the official taxis (yellow ones) and show the address to the taxi driver. You can ask the reception of the guesthouse to pay for the taxi.

How to arrange a trip in Iran

If you are interested to arrange a trip in Iran, say to Shiraz, visiting Persepolis or Tomb of Great Cyrus or to Yazd or Tehran, you may contact Mrs Leila Karamloo via She will help you in any kind of arrangement for your trip. It can be booking a hotel, introducing a guide tour, book a taxi to pick you up at the airport or bus station, buying bus tickets and so on. She will do her best to arrange a nice trip for you.

Visa Information

All participants, except those from Afghanistan, Canada, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Sudan, United Kingdom and United States of America, can get their electronic visa at the airport (either Isfahan or Tehran) upon their arrival. To this end, they just need to fill out this Visa Form and send it back to us along the files of a scanned copy of the first page of their passport and a personnel photo (official passport photo) of themselves. An invitation letter from the organizers and also a valid health insurance coverage will be needed at the airport (the health insurance can be issued at the airport).

Participants from the above mentioned countries and also those other participants who like to receive their visa in advance, should apply at Iranian embassies (consulates) at their countries with the reference number that we provide them.